NEWMappingn of EBF Church responsess to refugees and migrants (Spring 2016)

Winter 2016 Kalkman Newsletter

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Kalkman MPT Support

MPT teamPieter and Nora’s ministry in Europe is strengthened by their Missionary Partnership Team (MPT) comprised of friends of International Ministries mainly from California. This team helps the Kalkmans with U.S.-side related needs, and the promotion of their ministry in churches, meetings, and gatherings in the U.S. They also help promote the Kalkman’s ministry and projects for potential volunteers (as well as for potential donors) who are interested in supporting International Ministries work through the Kalkmans or related projects. The MPT team provides communications with the churches and individuals in the Kalkman’s Missionary Partnership Network (MPN) about their activities, as well as their general and financial needs. To be added to the email list for the Kalkman’s Missionary Partnership Network, click here.




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