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Estimated Trip Cost Legend: $ = low per-person expense; $$$ = moderate per-person expense; $$$$$ = high per-person expense
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Macedonia MAC001 Construction Helping with the renovation, or building expansion plan. Timing of this has to be determined Summer $$$ Click here Click here
Macedonia MAC002 Teaching (English) A volunteer for some longer time several months up to a year, could be offering English classes, by native speakers. (this could be done by an elderly couple or by students that have a year between colleges) Summer $$$ Click here Click here
Macedonia MAC003 Camp An interaction Camp could be considered. A team comes for a week or 10 days (two weekends), and uses the weekends to have joint camp activities with Baptist youth and church members from the church in Skopje, and use the 5 days in-between for construction, or helping fixing schools or other humanitarian or community service oriented outreaches, as well as time for an excursion. Summer $$$ Click here Click here
Macedonia MAC004 Office Help Send theological books for church training, discipleship, evangelism and outreach library. (if a team or individual is going: some books are already available to be send in the LA area) - Multi Task/ Combination teams: Construction, Medical Care, VBS. Summer $$$ Click here Click here