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Winter 2016 Kalkman Newsletter

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Volunteering for Individual and Group
Mission Projects in Europe
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EBF Missions Information
  • SUMMER CAMPS IN HUNGARY In central European countries, summer English camps are among the most effective ways to share the Gospel. Especially in Hungary, dozens of school principles are asking Baptist churches to provide such summer English camps. We need small teams of 3-5 people with experience in leading VBS camps who can lead VBS-like games and interactions with youth for 1-2 weeks, usually at local primary schools.
  • LICHT CONSTRUCTION There are year-round possibilities to help with renovation and light construction in churches in Belgium. Most of the members in these churches are of African decent. By acquiring facilities that are already approved for public use with larger crowds, the Belgium Baptists move forward with planting new churches. However, the building often need renovation and some reconstruction.
  • TEACHING Teach English for 10 weeks in the fall or spring in Prague (Czech Republic) to connect and share what matters in life with university students who want to improve their English in discussions with native-English speakers.
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March 2015 Kalkman Newsletter Update

Dear Family and Friends,

Last month I was in the Middle East and was surprised by the many Muslims who decided that they wanted become followers of Jesus, inspired by the witness of His children in this part of the world. On Sunday I visited a partner church. The pastor had studied on location where we had our European office, when we just started our ministry many years ago. We saw each other daily at that time, and I liked to visit his church and refresh the old ties (we had a fish-BBQ lunch).

I was staying at the local Seminary that week, and traveled with the students in a 9-person van (packed with at least double the amount of people), to church. First upon arrival I was a little puzzled by the heavily armed soldiers guarding the church entrance. My second surprise was to observe an obvious number of typical Muslim-dressed people entering the church. I was even more surprised when I later learned that the entire audience were Muslims who had decided to be, or were considering to be followers of Jesus. I did not realize that there were 2 services in the church, and the second, (a much smaller congregation), was the ‘original’ Church congregation.    IClick here to read more ...)
Photos of EBF ministry and missions activities
God at Work in Hungary through ABC-International
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